Shades of Blue Bullies specializes in producing the blue pit bull. Our bully blue nosed pit bulls are located in central Mississippi (Philadelphia,MS). We are devoted to the American Pit Bull Terrier. Shades of Blue is a new up and coming kennel. We offer quality blue nosed (blue, white, blue fawn, and black) pit bull puppies for sale by the top lines! All our dogs are U.K.C. Registered and DNA'd profiled.
     Our line of American Pit Bull Terriers consist of OT Bulliez Blood and Razors Edge(Remyline). Majority of our yard is Remyline Certified. The A.P.B.T is more than just a dog to us, they are family. Our blue pits are loved and treated with respect. Our pit bulls are kept in a very clean safe evironment. Keeping the facility safe and clean is very important to the health of the blue pit bulls and it shows in the appearance of our pit bulls. We strive to keep our bully pit bulls in the exercise yard as much as possible. 

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